When it comes to spiritual wellness, given all of the attributes we possess, the human spirit is the most neglected part of ourselves. There might be a bit of tip-toeing around the subject at best.

As a matter of fact, most individuals aren’t even sure what is meant by the ‘human spirit’. Most would be hard pressed to come up with a definition or hold a five minute conversation about the topic.

Interesting enough, there are as many definitions as there are individuals, due to the different beliefs and values that we each hold.

We are all different, but do we really ever ‘go’ there?

Do we consider the true nature of who we are? Do we define and understand what the human spirit is and what it is doing hanging around on this planet?

Definitely a topic that causes much confusion due to the many different religions, values, character, morals and ethics which encapsulate our ever so fragile and unexplored beliefs.

Either way, our human spirit experiences impact every living day; it is unavoidable. It’s all part of experiencing life and what we are faced with.

Have we made life so much more difficult than it needs be? So many of us struggle to discover the meaning of our lives.

For some, we finally conclude there is a plan, a purpose for being here, if we have bothered to take the time and dig deep enough to unveil the bigger plan of life.

We may not have a full understanding of what is going on and we may even end up with more questions than answers. But, what we do know is something bigger than us is triggering us to wake up; to become more aware.

As we uncover a deeper meaning to spirituality, the arduous quest for understanding continues with a need to discover more. How can it not, when we are often cracked over the head with a cosmic 2×4 demanding that we wake up!

So many physical ailments and maladies show up in our lives as if to say “Hello, have you noticed?”

Our situations vary from sadness, sickness, failures, struggles, despair, depression, wretched lifestyle, gloom and doom, heartache and grief, just to name a few.

These roller coaster rides full of symptoms can come from just about anywhere… work, friends, loved ones, lovers, neighbors…

What we need to understand is that by just getting out of bed and preparing for a new day in a life will bring on many of these angsts, full or fears and phobias.

Thankfully we get a respite by going home to rest and finally sleep only to regroup and recharge in order to begin again, the very next day.

Taking a moment to pull the pieces together, the puzzle begins to take shape and reveal that there are easier ways. We just need to decide if we are going to live life harder or better.

We can truthfully make life easier, if we reflect upon those minute to minute choices we end up making.

Allowing the time for a bit of a slowdown, sit-down if you will, and even using a quiet-time meditation will provide us with the necessary opportunity for a poignant inner dialogue with no one better to share our distress and sadnesses with — our Spirit.

By connecting with our inner selves, we begin to gain a different perspective. We can find peace, understanding, nature and calmness.

It is through these reflections and new perspectives that we may draw upon in order to get through whatever it is life may happen to throw our way.

This does take time and practice. There needs to be a sense of focus. The ability to enjoy the highs and being prepared to catch the lows.

Some situations are more severe than others, but it is a strong and healthy Spirit that will get us through.

So how does one develop a strong and healthy Spirit?

Attaining Spiritual wellness takes effort. Let’s consider what we are looking for exactly, what is the goal? Where will we find success?

Here are 5 signs that you are on the path of Spiritual wellness:

  1. Develop your vocation, your God-given talent this lifetime.
  2. Spend dedicated time to honor and reflect on the various events of life that made you who you are. The good and the not so good.
  3. Advance your ability to see clearly; to discern more effectively.
  4. Be prepared to act honorably, exhibiting good taste and decorum.
  5. Establish a practice of forgiveness, compassion and unconditional love for all living creatures.

The next question is to determine if you are willing and ready to transcend to a higher more powerful version of yourself?

Are you prepared to peel back the layers for the sheer purpose of discovering how to live in harmony with all that resides within you simultaneously with all the forces that come from your surroundings?

How would you rate yourself in regards to your Spiritual wellness?

Given the shift in conscious, you are not alone as you traverse toward being your stronger, higher self. We are all seeking solutions and resolutions.

At Strictly Wellness our mission is to work on the whole person by helping individuals to develop proper systems and life strategies to:

  • Find the balance necessary to be all that they are here to be.
  • Establish some training and re-training on how to be free from stress and anxiety.
  • Prioritize a proper amount of time for relaxation, meditation or prayer.
  • Re-evaluate personal values and beliefs that guide or hinder outcomes.

Learning to achieve a state of harmony within yourself and others will free your mind in order to promote a stronger relationship with your Spiritual development and wellness.

Now you are free to get on with the exhilarating journey of your life’s purpose.

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