• Our trained massage therapists intuitively know what your body needs.
• Repair your body by reducing stress physically, mentally and physiologically.
• Enjoy a 75 minute therapeutic session today.

Consider these facts why a 75 minute Massage is therapeutic.

Certainly massage therapists can all give a nice therapeutic massage in 60 minutes – but what we have discovered at The Conscious Connection is the massage is often compromised.

For a proper therapeutic massage addressing the whole body including hands, feet, scalp and face is not possible in a 60 minute visit. Nor is there enough time to address the upper body, the lower body or specifics like shoulder and neck complaints where many of the pain points are located.

Have you noticed how a 60 minute massage leaves you feeling a bit short-changed? Individuals rarely get off a massage table thinking that they’ve had enough and need just a little bit more attention on those chronic rough spots.

For the massage therapist, during a therapeutic massage, it is important to fully communicate with their client. Adequate time needs to be spent understanding, intuiting, assessing, warming and melting the superficial muscles in order to allow access to the deeper muscles.

For the client, it’s equally important to take time to feel heard and understood. These being the perfect ingredients necessary to mentally relax while finding a breathing rhythm creating a comfort level as they decompress and retreat on the massage table.

Once everything is prepared and the mood is set, the therapist can work slowly and methodically for concentrated deep work with an appropriate essential oil blend focusing on total tranquility.

Ultimately you, the client, wants to know the therapist is ‘listening and communicating’ to your body. Intuiting what the body needs, noticing resistance and facial expressions are all clues for your ultimate massage experience.

When the muscles have responded and released the pain point then the therapist can move on to the next portion of the massage.

Simply massaging muscles doesn’t stand on its own! There needs to be time to experiment, perform joint mobilization and stretching techniques to address all areas of the body, especially those that are in need of special attention.

SO, schedule a 60 minute massage and if you feel you need the extra 15 minutes, consult with our Massage Therapist, relax, melt into the table to enjoy a full spectrum therapeutic massage.