60 minute session with metaphysician Dr. Anna Sweetnam. Session includes custom made instruction based on your needs, interests and life purpose.

• Need Advice?
• Sad, mad, stressed, depressed or confused?
• Simple solutions for everyday setbacks.
• Enjoy a 90 minute session with Metaphysician Anna Sweetnam Ph.D.

In today’s fast paced society, it’s easy to be stretched too thin. So much to do, so many places to go and time seems to get shorter and shorter.

We all have similar demands. Be it at work, family, relationships, making sure everyone is cared for and at the same time having excessive expectations for personal success, with little to no time for rest or fun.

As a result, many of us feel drained, numb, and flat out empty resigning to just get through another day. The thought of living an abundance of energy and joy from our most creative heart-center space seems a far cry from the daily reality.

My name is Anna Sweetnam Ph.D., and I’m a behavioral intuitive, a metaphysician, author and founder of The Conscious Connection. I created the Center specifically for those who are ready to discover answers and solutions in solving the mysteries of their personal spiritual direction.

Imagine discovering spiritual solutions for everyday life challenges. Solutions so powerful that you can confidently minimize life’s daily struggles. To be able to move past fear and start living with substantial success and joy. That’s the power of having a Spiritual advisor.

Consulting with a Spiritual Advisor helps to uncover solutions and answers you can utilize to shift the course of your life in a much more positive light.

Once you successfully shift to a spiritual approach to problem solving, you can realize your life’s vision. The difference being intuiting solutions, a 4th dimension life skill.

Ultimately, the goal is to minimize how much you do for others, so that you can concentrate on your wants and interests. With that comes the availability to develop the reason you are here; developing your Spirit and sharing your gifts and talents with the World.

If you are too busy in someone else’s Spirit, you can’t be in yours. Before long you will feel empty, used and abused and you won’t be able to figure out why. After all you are so ‘giving’.

As your Spiritual Advisor I will share an abundance of practical tools and insights, broken down into the four key areas: health and well-being, relationships, success, and personal growth.

You will leave this consultation with much more confidence and know-how that you need to direct your life to the next level.