• What did your Soul Contract for this lifetime?
• Grasp the ‘bigger’ picture of life.
• Resolve life lessons creating difficulties on all levels.
• Enjoy a 90 minute Session with Metaphysician Anna Sweetnam Ph.D.

In this session, you will learn more about the importance of your Soul’s Contract role in your life.

To start, have you ever felt like the lack you are experiencing in life is due to something or someone outside of you, which feels way beyond your control.

The reality is, that’s not true. It’s not that you aren’t having genuine life challenges and stress, we are all having them. The difference is in trusting and believing the answers are actually within the essence of who you are and we absolutely can have total control.

It’s just that sometimes it’s easier to blame something or someone rather than take full responsibility for the conundrum you find yourself in from time to time.

Have you noticed certain patterns that have been repeating themselves around you, ad nauseum? Are you able to pinpoint the particular life lesson causing the constant confusion, doubt and uncertainty?

With a little reminder and a nudge here and there, a Holistic Consult will help to uncover your Soul’s Contract.

What exactly is a Soul’s Contract?

Well, truthfully, it’s just a minor detail we forgot about. It’s an agreement you made before you were even born?

Every Soul, including yours, have contracts with the other Soul’s we surround ourselves with on a daily basis. They help and encourage deeper inner-standings of our lives by utilizing these unique relationships and challenges we said we wanted to experience.

This is often difficult. There are those times when we get kicked, knocked upside the head, lost and confused within this quagmire called life, but we wanted it, we still want it, even if we forgot we wanted the growth and development.

For some of us, we “struggle” more than most. For the very strong Souls, the challenges seem just about insurmountable.

Regardless of the distress, we all struggle through, but must it really be that difficult?

The answer is “NO”. Amen, right!?

We can make life as difficult or as seamless as possible, we just need a little life skills coaching.

In this healing session you will be redirected back to the relationship with yourself. Without re-establishing the relationship with yourself, you will be unable to make The Conscious Connection with your Spirit for mind and body wellness. After all you are the one special ingredient necessary for success.

How cool is that? You will be cheered along as you take your esoteric lifestyle to the next level, although it may not feel so cheerful!

Discovering your Soul’s Contract provides you with the Spiritual reasons why you got lost along the way.

Now life can be so much more seamless.