Our most popular Retreat! Enjoy a Holistic Consult, Behavioral Kinesiology, Chakra Balance, Infra-red Sauna and a well deserved massage. Includes Lunch at Courtyard Cafe.

• 30 Min. Behavioral Kinesiology
• 30 Min. Chakra Balance
• 60 Min. Spiritual Message with metaphysician Dr. Anna
• 60 Min. Massage
• 30 Min. Infra-red Sauna
• Enjoy a health conscious lunch at Courtyard Café

Looking for a little bit more? Enjoy our most popular Spiritual and Spa Retreat.

To a certain degree, have you been making strides with your Spiritual growth and development, yet you notice something is just not right?

Is something lacking? Have you been able to pinpoint what or where the lack is?

What about a particular relationship or family concern. Are you content with your job? Maybe you continue to encounter physical illness, economic discourse or chronic stress and dis-ease?

These are all great questions to ponder as you begin to realize these inner conflicts are in the way of fulfilling a life filled with peace, joy and prosperity.

We all have blind spots that prevent us from seeing ourselves and our situation accurately. It is far easier to project our discontent on something or someone else rather than heal the discourse within.

The good news is we can overcome how we think, what we think, how we feel, what we feel.
The Mindful Retreat directs people back to their relationship with themselves, back with their Spirit, as all problems stems from the lack of this personal connection. Without it, the mind and body wellness connection suffers.

If the mind, body and Spirit connection suffers it is virtually impossible to overcome daily challenges and more importantly, it is virtually impossible to focus on your life’s purpose, which is where all the joy and contentment actually is.

There comes a point when we all become tired, then we become tired of being tired without any guidance on how to get out of what begins to feel like life collapsing all around us.

Understand, there is nothing wrong with this part of the journey. It’s why we are here. We are all having life experiences in life school with life lessons, we are here to learn and a little coaching can go a long way.

If this sounds like you and you are looking for more balance to align your mind, body and Spirit, take the next step with our Mindful Day Retreat.

You will be impressed as The Conscious Connection provides that very special ‘something’ that is missing and it’s more than just being pampered with fluff and stuff.

Take your spa experience to a whole new level! Enjoy this special ‘time-out’ from everyday life.

Let us create an escape and spoil you, even if it’s for just a little while.