Our Packages

Energy Treatments: $69/Session

Chakra Balance
Behavioral Kinesiology
Breath Work
Yoga Stretch & Strengthening
Infra-Red Sauna

Spiritual Treatments: $99/Session

Stress & Anxiety Management
Parent/Child Relationships
Family Relationships
Spiritual Advisor
Soul Contract
Spiritual Message

Healing Hour

One Hour
Choose 1 Treatment  Packages Available

Not sure what you are looking for? Our Triage Consult can customize your experience.

Mindful Retreat

Half Day
Choose 3 Treatments

Not sure what you are looking for? Our Triage Consult can customize your experience

Spiritual Retreat

Full Day
Choose 5 Treatments
Includes Lunch at Courtyard Café

Not sure what you are looking for? Our Triage Consult can customize your experience.

Group Packages
Choose 3 Treatments $249  |  Choose 5 Treatments $399

• Chakra Balance – The Chakra energy frequencies stored in our body often become unbalanced. Balancing Chakras can harmonize the energy with favorable results, whether we are tired, sad and depressed, anxious or stressed encouraging a finer quality of living.

Behavioral Kinesiology: Overcome fears, phobias and past traumas by eliminating behaviors inhibiting success including emotional, physical and mental strain through simple muscle testing.

Yoga – Stretch & Strengthening: A spiritual exercise that includes breath work, simple meditations with various body poses designed to massage the internal organs. Become more flexible, reduce chronic pain, focus on breathing for a relaxed and healthy mind.

Meditation: is special time set aside to contemplate and reflect. Whether you concentrate on your breath, focus on a special mantra or enjoy rhythmic walking all creates an avenue to get out of your minds way. Heighten your levels of awareness and enjoy more happiness and tranquility.

Infra-Red Sauna: An infrared sauna uses infrared light to create heat to warm just the body not the space you are in. Benefits include production of collagen, de-stress, detox, as well as minimize pain, injury, or illness. The infrared light dilates the blood vessels, which supports the increase of circulation, supplying more oxygen throughout the body.

Stress & Anxiety Management: If you are finding it difficult to cope with a traumatic experience in your life, we can help you through it. Your Session will include stress and anxiety strategies to get you back on track effectively. Boost self-worth, inner-strength and the immune system by reducing rapid heart rate, stress, anxiety and sleepless nights.

Breath Work: Deep breathing is one of the best ways to relax, lower stress, and reduce tension. Most don’t realize that the exhale is as important as the inhale. Learn how to reach the capacity of the lungs with a full body breathe removing stale air, toxins and carbon dioxide. The subsequent inhale allows the fresh new oxygen to feed every cell of the body.

Parent/Child Coaching: Learn how to provide guidance and help your child develop critical life skills and coping skills without criticizing, judging, or lecturing your child. Using a strengths-based approach, we’ll uncover what’s possible within the family. Together we will find what is working and build upon those strengths.

Family Coaching: is beneficial to educate and inspire parents to make each member to feel safe, loved and accepted. Together we will improve upon the family dynamics. … discuss with each other about shared values and beliefs and the role each member holds.

Spiritual Advisor: Need Advice? Sad, mad, stressed, depressed or confused? Spend an hour with Metaphysician Dr. Anna for simple solutions for everyday setbacks. This Session includes an intricate Spiritual approach designing life strategies based on your needs, interests and life purpose.

Soul Contract: What is a Soul’s Contract? It’s a wee little detail we are veiled from. It’s an agreement made before you were born. Every Soul has contracts with other Soul’s that we surround ourselves with every day. Like a puzzle, the combined interactions encourage deeper understandings of our lives by utilizing these special relationships and challenges we said we wanted to experience.

Spiritual Message: Imagine discovering spiritual solutions for everyday life challenges. Solutions so powerful that you can confidently minimize life’s daily struggles. To be able to move past fear and start living with substantial success and joy. That’s the power of having a Spiritual message