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Founded by metaphysician Anna Sweetnam, Ph.D., The Conscious Connection has served as a beautiful, nurturing environment where individual seekers come to heal their physical body, empower themselves, find emotional freedom, and experience spiritual awakenings for over 20 years. Located in Ozona, Florida, an intimate hideaway filled with a canopy of 100 year old oak trees with a cool ocean breeze. The Conscious Connection provides the perfect setting to rest, relax and renew.

Morning Wake-Up

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Divine Dancer

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Healthy Hamstrings

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Shoulders and Fun

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Our Philosophy

Our place is a lifestyle brand embracing body, beauty, mind & spirit. Your are welcome to visit our center where every person is treated with high attention. Choose from our extensive list of services: we offer counseling, massages, retreats etc. Use contact form to request an appointment.

Change is not something that we should fear. Rather, it is something that we should welcome and embrace. Without change, nothing in this world would ever grow or blossom.

-  Anna Sweetnam Ph.D., Founder and CEO

Anna Sweetnam Ph.D.

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What Our Clients Say About Us?

Mrs. Danita Kessner

Mrs. Danita Kessner, Happy Client

I just wanted to Thank You for always being there for me when I needed your wisdom. After visiting your store and speaking with you, I feel like I can conquer the world, I am on a natural high, my mind opened up and I have so much Joy. I see things more clearly, my light bulb went off, I know what 4DL living is suppose to be like and your book is Awesome. I just love how you give the homework assignments and boy do they work. I am getting to the root of my issues. I am turning into a better more lovable person and everyone in my family and friends are noticing. This surely is a better way to live (Happy and Joyful) than the old negative me. I Thank You and Appreciate all that you do.

Daniel Funk

Daniel Funk, Happy Client

As a professional pilot I am used to dealing with things I can measure or count. The things I could not see, measure or count like thoughts, feelings or intuition mystified me. I now recognize my passion and power in my experiences that I did not see until they were pointed out. If you are ready to change, The Conscious Connection is the place. I can feel the energy whether I drive up or fly by.

Nick Wagner and Rhiannon Houston

Nick Wagner and Rhiannon Houston, Happy Client

The Conscious Connection definitely exceeded our expectations. We went in looking for a shop and left inspired, by the influence, with a fresh and truthful outlook on life and our relationship to it. LifeQuest Institute seems to be in the forefront of the coming shift in consciousness. Anyone who is seeking help in the awakening process or are fed up with the mundacity of life will find an excellent community with a wealth of insight.

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